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Your employees produce your profits and make your business succeed. WorkOne's goal is to help you find productive employees who will contribute to that success.

We'll use our computerized job matching system to meet your needs. We can evaluate your job positions to develop a profile of essential skills required to do that job well. Using the WorkKeys test, we can assess applicants for those skills.

Job Orders

Indiana Career Connect is the State of Indiana's NO CHARGE service to benefit individuals and employers. You are now able to enter your own job orders through our IndianaCareerConnect Program.

  • Search our extensive database of job seekers and find employees with the right skills and qualifications

  • Real time information on labor availability and labor market data.

Labor Market Information

Regional information such as workforce estimates, unemployment rates, EEOC data, employment trends, and commuting patterns can be found at Hoosiers by the Numbers. Indiana's Department of Workforce Development provides Hoosiers with regional information on largest employers, wage trends and skills in demand for every region of the state.

New Hire Reporting

Employers are required to report newly hired employees to the Department of Workforce Development in Indianapolis. Instructions for reporting are found on the New Hire Reporting web site.

Worker Opportunity Tax Credit

WOTC is a federal tax credit program that offers incentive to employers who hire individuals who have consistently had difficulty in securing and retaining employment. The credit helps offset the federal tax liability of private, for-profit employers. The program covers only new hires that have not worked for the employer in the past.


Local Veteran Employment Representatives (LVERs) and Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialists (DVOPs) are based in the WorkOnes, and are dedicated to helping Veterans and eligible spouses receive all the services they need. Veteran services in the WorkOne offices are designed to assist Veterans and /or eligible Spouses to find and secure suitable employment and make the transition from the military to the civilian workforce.

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